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Hitachi Science & Technology Forum

Since 1998, the EU Hitachi Science & Technology Forum has provided a platform where the impact of new technologies on European society is addressed, debated and assessed. A summary of findings is regularly published, and widely distributed to decision makers, academia, business partners, and opinion leaders as a contribution to the EU public policy debate. Hitachi is proud to sponsor this Forum, the main objective of which is to help shape public policies which will improve the daily life of EU citizens. In order to allow for a deeper debate and an enhanced contribution to the societal debate, it has been decided in 2008 to change the format of the Forum by having a large gathering every two years and several smaller Dialogue Workshops in between

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Paris, France
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London, UK
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Sustainable Energy
Brussels, Belgium
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Ageing Society
Munich, Germany
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Environment & Energy
Paris, France
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Dialogue Workshops

Smaller debates between Forums

- Paris, Sep. 24, 2009


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