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Friday May 19, 2006

18:15 18:50   Official opening

  • Opening by Mr. Ko Takahashi, General Manager, Hitachi Corporate Office, Europe, Hitachi, Ltd.
  • Address by Prof. Krzysztof Kurzydlowski, Undersecretary of State, Ministry of Education and Science
  • Address by H.E.M. Ikuo Mizuki, Minister, Embassy of Japan to Poland

18:50 19:50   Key Note Speeches:

19:50 20:00   Address by Sir Stephen Gomersall, Chief Executive for Europe, Hitachi, Ltd.
20:00 23:00  Welcome Reception

Saturday May 20, 2006

Various Perspectives on ICT for Safety, Trust & Security
09:00 09:20  ICT for Trust and Security, The European Perspective Dr. Jacques Bus, DG INFSO, Head of Unit, ICT for trust and Security

09:20 09:40  The good, the bad and the ugly: security technology and human rights Dr. Ian Brown, Senior Research Manager, The Cambridge-MIT Institute, Board Member of European Digital Rights (EDRi)

09:40 12:10 from Industry

09:40 09:55   Who should pay for safety, trust and security? Mr. Martin Sadler, Director of HP Labs Trusted Systems Laboratory, Bristol
09:55 10:10   Privacy Protection in Biometrics Dr. Bart Van Rijnsoever, Department Head Information & System Security, Philips Research
10:10 10:25   Holistic Security in a European Environment Dr. Stephan Lechner, Head of Dept. CT IC 3 - Security, Corporate Technology, Siemens AG

10:25 11:00  Coffee Break

11:00 11:15   Challenge with Security and Regulation Mr. Mika Lauhde, Director, Nokia, Technology Management, Customer and Market Operations
11:15 11:30   Security and Trust in Ubiquitous Information Society Mr. Mitsuo Yamaguchi, Chief Operating Officer, Hitachi Ltd., Information & Telecommunication Systems
11:30 12:00   Industry Q&A Session

12:00 12:20  Users Viewpoints and Expectations: Healthcare as a Showcase Mr. Vincent Bousquet, VP & GM, Medasys, Healthcare Operations

12:20 13:30  Lunch Break

13:30 14:00  Dealing with the EU Institutions Mr. Pierre Longin, Director, Longin Conseil

14:00 17:00  Parallel Working Sessions on ICT for Safety, Trust and Security specific questions

  • Recommendations to cope with Safety, Trust and Security Threats Moderator: Mr. Marc Besson, Director of Professional Services, WISeKey
    • How can ICT technologies help to cope with safety, trust and security concerns?
    • How to deploy regional or worldwide systems at affordable cost?
    • How to reconcile security measures through ICT and privacy?
    • ICT implants in human beings to improve security:  are they socially acceptable, and if so, for which applications, in what legal framework?
  • Recommendations for Citizens Daily Life Moderator: Mr. Stephen White, Directorate Manager, Publications & Communications, The British Psychological Society
    • Which technology should be promoted to enhance safety and trust in the citizens daily usage of ICT?
    • How to educate European citizens on best practices regarding safety and trust?
    • How to protect European citizens from data mishandling and more particularly how to protect weaker users (children )?
    • How to protect European citizens from external attacks (spam, spyware ) while using ICT?
  • Recommendations to cope with Privacy Issues Moderator: Prof. Jos Dumortier, Professor of Law, Director, Interdisciplinary Centre for Law and ICT (ICRI), K.U.Leuven
    • What are the real concerns of European citizens about privacy?
    • What kinds of technology could be developed to meet their concerns about privacy?
    • What kinds of policy and enforcement should be put in place to meet their concerns about privacy?
    • Is there real choice, or are we already tracked without our knowing?
  • Recommendations to cope with Digital Divide Moderator: Dr. Ilkka Tuomi, Chief Scientist, Oy Meaning Processing Ltd.
    • How to deploy ICT technologies for security without creating a gap between industrialized countries and the third world?
    • How to give everyone access to safety and security ICT technologies?
    • Should government subsidize ICT for safety, trust and security?
    • How can industry develop technologies that younger and older individuals can use easily?
    • Is technology part of the solution, or part of the problem? How to find the right balance?
  • Business Impact / Business Model Moderator: Dr. Pierre Beuzit, Vice President for Research, Renault S.A.
    • How will new ICT for safety and security impact on the business?
    • How might citizens concerns slow down technological deployment?
    • Will there be new business models made possible with increased safety, trust and security through ICT?
    • What will be the impact on employment in Europe?

20:00 23:00  Reception and Dinner Party

Sunday May 21, 2006

09:00 10:40   Parallel Session Results

10:40 11:00  Coffee Break

11:00 11:30   General Q&A
11:30 12:00   Hitachi in Europe Sir Stephen Gomersall, CEE, Hitachi, Ltd.
12:00 12:15   Closing Remarks by Dr. Michiharu Nakamura, Executive Vice President & Executive Officer, Hitachi, Ltd.

12:15 13:00  Lunch - End

Forum General Moderator: Dr. Jean Freymond, CASIN

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