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Mr. Takashi Hatchoji

Executive Vice President and Executive Office
Hitachi Group Chief Environmental Strategy Officer
Hitachi, Ltd.

Takashi Hatchoji was appointed Representative Executive Officer, Executive Vice President and Executive officer, Hitachi Group Chief Environmental Strategy Officer, Hitachi, Ltd. Effective April 1, 2009.

He graduated from Hitotsubashi University with a BA in Commerce in March 1970, and joined Hitachi in April that year. He has held several positions within Hitachi, such as General Manager of the Corporate Planning & Development Office; Executive General Manager of the Business Solution Systems Division; Corporate Officer, Administrative Officer, COO and CTO of the Information & Telecommunication Systems Group; General manager of Legal and Communications; General Manager of Corporate Auditing; Vice President and Executive Officer of Hitachi, Ltd.; President and Director of Hitachi Research Institute, Ltd.

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