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  • Takayuki Sumita

Mr. Takayuki Sumita

Executive Director
Japan Machinery Center for Trade and Investment - Brussels Office

Takayuki SUMITA, born in 1962, graduated from Tokyo University and joined MITI in 1985. After working for several years, he studies in Graduate School for Foreign Service, Georgetown University between 1991-1993. After coming back to Japan, he engaged in various tasks including environment policy, energy policy, specific industry policy for software and IT, comprehensive economic policy on corporate tax, corporate disclosure or IPR and FTA/EPA negotiation. In his position as director of the Information Telecommunication and Electronics Industry Division within METI, he has devoted himself in Green IT Initiative which aims at realizing energy effective society through the usage of IT and the transformation of IT appliance itself. Especially, he has cultivated his idea on measuring the contribution of each player to the environment, which could be linked to some reward mechanism throughout the world. In July 2009, he becomes the Executive Director of the Japan Machinery Center for Trade and Invesment Brussels Office in Belgium.

Min Job Carrier

  • Apr. 1985 Joined MITI (Ministry of International Trade and Industry)
  • Apr. 1985 - Oct. 1987 Japan Patent Office
  • Oct. 1987 - Jun. 1989 Security Export Control Office, MITI
  • Jun. 1989 - Jun. 1991 Software Division, MITI
  • Jun. 1993 - May 1995 Environment Agency
  • May 1995 - Jul. 1999 Industry Policy Bureau, MITI
  • Jul 1999 - Dec.2000 Energy Policy Agency, MITI
  • Jan. 2001 - Jun 2004 Director for FTA/EPA, METI (Ministry of Economy, Trade
    and Industry)
  • Jun. 2004 - Jan.2006 Director, Intellectual Property Policy Office, METI
  • Jan.2006 - Sep.2007 Director, Technology Promotion Division, METI
  • Sep.2007 - Jul.2009 Director, Information Telecommunication and Electronics
    Industry Division, METI
  • Jul. 2009 - Executive Director, Japan Machinery Center Brussels Office.
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